Let me share my story and motivation in creating this website for freelance writers and clients.

Never have I ever experienced the sensation of being here, there, and nowhere at the same time. Fleeting moments from the past flashed before my eyes.

Never once in my life had I experienced the sensation of being here and there at the same time. Moments from the past flashed before my eyes. “So,” I thought to myself. “This is what an out-of-body-experience and time travel feels like.” You see, to tell you about me, I need to go back to the time when it began.

No, I am not doing a biography, much like how Charles Dickens began the story of David Copperfield. Instead, let me share the dots that connected and led to a career in writing.

A Series of Unfortunate Blogs

It has been 12 years since I started blogging. I remember how I used to sit in front of the laptop, wanting to write but could not think of a topic. As time passed by, my emotions started to manifest in the form of words. After a few random sentences, I poured my heart out.

Since that first article, I have had quite a few blogs. Not one of them remains today. In other words, I was blogging on and off, depending on my emotional state.

A Series of Unfortunate Events

In the years that followed, I had to deal with personal issues. It culminated with the decision to quit doing business. Afterward, among the things I did was to become a part of USANA Health Sciences – a network marketing company. After a while, I started yet another blog and became active in the local blogging scene.

One thing I learned from my old mentors was that unfortunate events can be turned around. Essentially, we can turn negativity into positivity. So, as an appreciation of that powerful revelation, I try to pass on my knowledge to other bloggers. Little did I know that in doing so, I improved my skills and technical expertise.

A Series of Dots

From the blogging community to the first time I worked as a freelance writer, I saw the ugly sides. But these are all parts of the process. They were necessary dots that connected, leading to today.

For a long time, I wanted to help freelance writers and bloggers. It does not bother me one bit that only 1 to 2 out of 10 people I helped remained in touch. Over the years, I have been blessed. It is my turn to pass on the blessings to those in need.

About Me that Makes Sense

Today, I work as an online freelancer developing content strategy and writing. My journey has given me invaluable insights on both sides of the fence. Hence, I find myself in a unique position to serve as a bridge between clients and writers. Such is the motivation behind the creation of The Filipino Writer.

In writing about myself, I decided to share a little bit of my story rather than make a list of accomplishments and expertise. Doing that is about skills, and that is not who I am. I prefer sharing the motivation that defines me as a person.

I hope you have a better understanding of the person behind these words. Should you feel the need to get in touch, please contact me and let me know how I can help you.