One of the things I keep telling Filipino bloggers is to strive for excellence. Of course, they are free to do whatever they want on their blogs, but regardless, they need to make it better. Doing so, I say, opens up a wonderful world of opportunities.

Blogging, in its purest form, is all about self-expression. It is a medium for sharing one’s innermost thoughts. While some prefer to present their opinions, others share their knowledge. Regardless, a blog can also be the seeds sprouting one opportunity after another.

Speaking of opportunity, it brings to mind what a smart man once stated.

“Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work.”

Friends, those are the words of Thomas Edison.

All over the web, there is no shortage of quotes. Wise words are beautiful to read. But embracing the wisdom and putting it to practical use, I suppose, is too much work.

And so, that explains why more than half of the Filipino bloggers I knew a year ago are gone. At this very moment, who we are and what we do is a result of the choices we made in the past. After opening a window to the world, that same window for opportunities to come is now closed.

First is the Window

People do different things during their leisure time. A few of my friends got into blogging because it is a fun activity for them. Even so, they could choose to do it in such a way that opens the window.

There is no harm in striving for excellence even for a personal blog. It is the same attitude that I try to impart with the Filipino content writers I work with all the time.

Do the same thing again and again, and you become good at doing the same thing. But do it better each time, and you become an expert.

One post or article at a time and that is what we all do. Although the topics vary, our ability and the way we write is the same. After writing a billion words, we are still doing the same thing the same way.

One year, ten years, and twenty years from now, how are we any better?

For a blog to become noticeable, it is not the quantity but the quality of posts that matters. One thing about Filipino bloggers and writers who have had at least a couple of years of experience is this. Many of them believe that they are already good. Because of that line of thinking, growth stops.

An online presence is a projection of a personal brand image. Even if a blog is not personal at all, the site itself is a reflection of its owner or the business it represents. As such, a site that exudes excellence attracts otherwise unknown opportunities. While most bloggers struggle to earn a penny, a few are declining dollars.

Filipino bloggers and online writers, a blog may not mean much. Until you start seeing its value, that window for more opportunities remains closed.

Second is the Door

Life is a series of ups and downs. One may perceive this as personal and reflect on the past. But in this case, I mean it to be the constant struggle between staying motivated and otherwise. In a marathon, most people start fast but do not even finish the race. In fact, only a few finish stronger than when they started.

While focusing on blogs and writing, the act of doing so can only open a window.

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If I can have a door open rather than a window, the former is more attractive to me, wouldn’t you agree?

Genuine success attracts more success.

By projecting the image of success, it follows that along with it comes opportunities.

Notice the use of the word genuine. As we are all aware of, lies and half-truths flood the online world. We can look at it as a negative in which the trash pollutes our industry. However, a better way to look at it is to see it as a chance to be the one piece of sparkling diamond in a sea of garbage.

There is nothing beautiful about a piece of uncut diamond. It has to go through a complex series of actions before it makes its way to the Cartiers and Tiffanys of the world. Similarly, that is what we do to open the window. We put in the work and keep striving for excellence.

Unfortunately, most Filipino bloggers and writers lack the fortitude to forge ahead. Among the most common reasons is that they have reached the pinnacle of their abilities.

If a tool to make a product does not exist, then invent it. In other words, learn and keep learning. It is the only way to open the door for opportunities to knock on.

Opportunities for Filipino Bloggers and Writers Is Intentional

Before becoming a blogger or an online content writer, we had to learn to be one or both. After getting started, most people stop learning. In many ways, this lack of value for growth is the same attitude in the workforce. A majority of the workforce with white collar jobs no longer pursue further growth. In this case, I am disregarding people who want to but are not doing anything about it.

There is no reason for any one of us not to grow. Already, we have everything we need to be better. A good starting point is to use Google to find the resources to equip our mind. After all, Filipino online article writers and bloggers are supposed to be good readers.

As we raise our skill level, it becomes evident in our chosen platform for online presence. As such, our value increases. At the same time, we also need to work on our attitude.

By drilling the attitude of excellence into our heads, it becomes the fuel the drives our desire to learn.

It is the consistency in which we place a premium on learning that makes it possible for us to keep improving. As a result, we keep producing one article that is better than the previous one. One way or the other, our blog becomes more valuable and so does our brand.

Keep striving for excellence, and not only does the window remain open but also the door.


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  1. How does one improve oneself with writing? Or blogging?

    What I have done to improve myself on this skill is to take on a voluntary work which, as of the moment, I am dreading and actually double thinking if I have bitten off more than I can chew… But at the same time, deep inside, I know that this will make me a better writer overall. If I can forge on and be successful.

    But would I volunteer again for this work… Not so sure. LOL!

  2. Such wisdom of the Robert Lee. Indeed, opportunities are plenty. And more opportunities will come our way if we not only give our heart but our best. Because even if we are passionate about the job, but then we lack the skill, sometimes such opportunities become aloof. We still need to hone it through practice and constant learning.

    Glad to read something valuable from you again. Welcome back 🙂

    1. Berlin,

      I agree with you. Lack of skill results with fewer opportunities. However, we can all improve and widen our skill sets. Not everyone is willing to do so, though.

      Alam naman ng lahat ang kasabihan na: “Kapag gusto, may paraan. Kapag ayaw, may dahilan.” I think that says it all. Dito sa atin, at kahit saan pa man, ang tao ay tao. Karamihan kasi, gustong maging ganito o ganyan pero ayaw namang matutunan at gawin ang nararapat upang marating ang gustong patunguhan.

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