Pareto Principle states that 80% of the effects are a result of the 20% of the causes. In business, this translates to the upper 20% controlling the 80% of the economy. Looking at the Millennials, I have to thank the new breed of entrepreneurs. Because of them, demand for content writing is ever increasing. On this note, should clients hire freelancers or full-time online writers?

Although I belong to Generation X, I do see how the Millennials have overtaken us. As far as I am concerned, this is their world today. Because many of them who are enterprising, there is now a lot of new clients needing writers.

Consider this.

Apple is one of the largest companies in the world. How many content writers do they need? Looking at their website, I would say not much. But the smaller businesses and start-ups, there is a multitude of them. Often, they cannot pay a high salary, and that is where cross-border freelance writers come in. Instead of hiring a writer full time, they can opt to pay on a per article basis.

In first world countries, most start-ups cannot afford to hire a full-time writer. Hence, they seek to outsource elsewhere. In particular, the Philippines.

It is a win-win relationship between both sides. Clients pay much much lesser than the average wage in their countries. For Filipinos, the pay rate is twice the base salary or more.

Most clients start by working with independent contractors. Depending on their needs, some soon start to think if it is a good idea, to begin with.

Using freelance writers is ideal for some clients. Unfortunately, it leads to more expenses later for others. In some instances, it can also result in a complete shutdown of the business.

Content Strategy

Clients, do you have a content strategy?

Choosing to hire a freelance or full-time writer depends on the content strategy. In the absence of one, then it can have a disastrous consequence.

A flawed plan is among the top reasons why 8 out of 10 new businesses fail.

For a while, let us talk about dream vacations. One of mine is to visit Galapagos. I would love to step foot on the island that inspired Charles Darwin to form his Theory of Evolution.

So, what should I be doing next?

Of course, I need to plan and make preparations.

Business is like that too in the sense that its owners need to know where they are heading. Only then can they draw a plan and form long-term goals.

Although the content is only a part of the business, nonetheless, it is an integral part of success.

Today, as I looked at the demands for content writers, most appear to be for new websites. Furthermore, a lot of clients are into affiliate marketing and viral news sites. Regardless of the business model, the content strategy plays a huge role in its bottom line.

Freelancers vs. Full-Time Online Writers

How writers differ from the others is in their ability to write high-quality articles. But what sets one apart from the rest of the field is their value-adding skills. Some choose to work as a freelancer while others seek full-time writing positions.

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Depending on the content strategy, one of the two is ideal.

A standard company website with a set number of products or services is a project best done by a freelancer. To increase web presence, many businesses now have their blog section. If it is news or public relations articles, a freelance writer can take care of that.

Some companies and professional business sites, though, may have other needs. For instance, publishing regular articles related to their products or services. In this case, hiring full-time online writers may be the best option. Of course, that depends on the frequency and the length of posts.

When it comes to quality of work, a misconception is that freelancers are cheap.

One of the wrong perceptions is that freelancers are cheaper than full-time writers.

Such belief is false.

Since it is impossible to compare apples to oranges, let me put two pieces of apples on the table. In essence, what we have are two excellent writers. Because one opts to work freelance, does it follow that the pay rate must be lower? In fact, they should charge more on per project basis.

Quality Comes at a Price

If the content strategy calls for a few posts a month, then it makes no sense to fire a full-time writer. In that case, hiring a freelancer to write a set number of articles at a time is preferable.

To a certain extent, we can say that freelancers cost less but only because they write less.

Hiring one or the other is never an issue of who is cheaper.

The real problem is:

Can I afford to pay a writer that can deliver articles that fit my content strategy?

As mentioned, content is an integral part of the success of the business. No matter how great the products or services are, poor content projects the wrong image. Not only that, but web presence also suffers.

Notice how Google search results often have authoritative sites ranked higher than others?

Most of these sites have content that matters to people. Although quantity is important, quality is still the top priority. For that to happen, clients need to find the best writers they can. Then, they can discuss the pay rate.

Bonus: Keeping the Options Open

Full-time online writers called for by content strategy, but the owner cannot afford. What can one do?

If affordability is a problem then publish less but never compromise on quality.

One of the problems with content is consistency. By having different writers at one time or the other, the tone and writing styles may differ. As an option, clients can seek an excellent writer seeking a full-time position.

It is possible that some of these writers may be willing to work on part-time basis. Of course, the idea here is that once the client can afford, then the writer can work full-time. One can only hope that the writer does not have other projects by then.


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  1. I usually envy writers who could write their blogs professionally and can easily get attention with companies and especially can acquire loyal readers. My friends are mostly freelance writers and I’ve heard a lot of perks coming their way, and though freelance writers had a lot of perks, as an amateur to this system, some do take advantage to start up blogs, asking for this and that but the equivalent for your efforts will be in vain sometimes. So, now I am still enjoying writing blogs through experience basis.

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