In the old days, many women stick to the traditional role of staying at home to take care of the household. Even if one wanted to earn a little money on the side, there were only a few opportunities. Times have changed, in any case. Today’s technology makes it possible for millions of Filipinos to work online.

In my generation, a housewife staying at home is either a matter of having or not having a choice. For example, because the husband is earning a decent income, the wife no longer needs to work. Instead, it is better for her to care for their children. Others, though, are not as fortunate. Without anyone else in the household, the wife has no choice but to stay home. It goes without saying that there is also a multitude of other reasons.

“I realized that the timing to work in my dream job and company did not match the current season in my life,” Teresa shared in her book From Career Woman to S.A.H.M., W.A.H.M. then Businessmom.

Being single and driven, the demanding nature and long hours of her job did not faze her. A change did come when she tied the knots. “My husband and I needed ample time to build a solid foundation for our marriage,” Teresa explains.

Choosing to focus on building a family, she resigned.

For Baby Boomers and Generation X’ers, earning from home was an almost impossible proposition. Millennials, on the other hand, are fortunate. Homebased online freelancing may have started as means to augment family income. In recent years, this unnoticed industry has seen a spike in growth. In fact, the decision to work at home is less because of circumstance but more because of fantastic opportunities.

2 Keys to Successful Homebased Online Freelancer Career

Quitting the corporate world is a bold move. It is ironic to think that staying at home is, at the same time, stepping out of the comfort zone. For all the conveniences and benefits it offers, working at home is also not without its challenges.

1. Sense of Priority

One thing all freelancers have to deal with are distractions. Unfortunately, there is the cozy bed, TV, gaming console, and Facebook too.

It is a pity that there are far too many people who live without a clear purpose. As such, it is easy to succumb to the temptation of instant gratification. At times, it also comes at the expense of leaving clients hanging dry.

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Not all distractions are senseless, however. For instance, a child in need may need the attention of the mom.

“I am a mom first, then a work-at-home mom (W.A.H.M.) second,” Teresa said.

It is clear that there are priorities greater than work itself. In the same manner that Teresa chose to build a family, freelancers should decide on theirs.

2. Time

One may work part-time or full-time or could be working on a per-project basis. It does not matter because at its core, all freelancers trade time for money.

Everyone agrees that time is priceless and how it is one commodity that even the wealthiest person in the world cannot buy. Even so, most also manage to do an excellent job of wasting it on the senseless.

“A responsible stay-at-home mom is one busy woman,” Teresa wrote. “Even if you do not work to earn a living, a S.A.H.M. may never run out of things to work on at home.”

Until one uses ‘time’ the right way, the chances of a successful online freelancer career are slim.

Beyond Ordinary

The only stupid people in the world are the ones who could learn, have the opportunity to learn, and chooses not to do so. For example, content writers find resources and references whenever writing an article. Only a few do take time to learn more about writing better.

People who choose to be mediocre though are not that bad at all so as long as they keep working. There are others who focus more on the trivial while sacrificing productivity.

If only these people could see past beyond ordinary.

As an online freelancer, there are no limits to how far one wants to go. Be ordinary and compete for breadcrumbs. Alternatively, be an expert and deserve out-of-this-world opportunities. As it is, clients willing to pay a premium are having a hard time finding the right person.

In the book From Career Woman to S.A.H.M., W.A.H.M. then Businessmom, Teresa shared her ingredients not only for a successful transition to working at home, but also to start a business.

Stop dreaming, start doing.


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