Let me state now that unlocking is not the same as opening the door. In other words, I am not making promises. Instead, what I am presenting is nothing more than a potential for more opportunities.

More Opportunities for Content Writers and Clients

Aspiring content writers have yet to find stability in their profession. It means they still have unproductive times and continue to seek more opportunities. It is also because they are not receiving their perceived fair compensation.

Like freelance content writers, clients also need stability. Here, I am referring to those who have a constant need for new articles. Having experienced working with writers, they know the difficulty of hiring excellent ones.

From the day I decided to pursue my passion for writing and making a career out of it, I kept pondering on one question.

How can I increase the opportunities for Filipino content writers and clients?

As a matter of fact, it is that very question that led to the birth of the Filipino Writer. With this site, one of my intentions is to give value to both parties. Subscribing to the idea that no one will act unless there is something to gain, let me then present the benefits.

For Filipino Content Writers

Rather than looking for clients, is it not better to receive offers?

At the pinnacle of writing profession, writers have the luxury of declining offers. Not only can they charge a higher pay rate, but they are also the ones great clients approach.

For that to happen, writers have to put themselves in a position to succeed. One of the ways to do that is the idea that I am presenting here.

For Clients and Employers

They say hiring Filipino content writers is easy and cheap. Of course, that depends on the requirements and the type of articles needed. In essence, the higher the quality, the harder it is to find good freelancers or full-timers.

If what clients seek are people who can write short articles in bunches, then this post has no value. My focus here is to help Filipino writers grow and write top quality articles. In essence, they are the ones who can write long, insightful articles. Not only do these pieces come with depth but they also conform to SEO best practices.

At any rate, I encourage clients to bookmark this site. One thing I am doing is working with writers, and anyone featured here is more than capable. As such, it is up to them to make offers if there is a necessity.

Before Anything Else

I have grand visions for the website. It would be such a privilege to use this site as a bridge between writers and clients.

For writers, knowing they learned and grew because of what I shared gives me satisfaction. As for employers, some will find people here that fits their business.

I do not charge a fee, but I do ask one thing in return.

Be of value to other people as a way to pay forward blessings received.


I love watching martial arts movies when I was a kid. In an alternate reality, I was the master who can defeat anything and everything. As such, the pillows on my bed were no match for my superhuman abilities to strike and kick.

In Kung Fu, being a master is the pinnacle of the discipline. One thing I learned, though, is this. Even the best of the best cannot be a master unless one accepts a student. It is for that reason that I keep instilling the habit of sharing knowledge as a means to further grow one’s self. In fact, this website is a means for me to continue learning and becoming better, every single day.

In recent years, I noticed an increase in the number of people offering coaching sessions. It has also come to my attention that many writers who paid ended up feeling shortchanged. To be fair, there are pretty good coaches, and it is a pity that writing workshops are getting a bad rap.

At the core of the problem are people who try to make money by coaching rather than by writing. It is the same as business coaches who earn from coaching and not from doing business.

Kung Fu masters not only teach but also practice their crafts. Content writers must have that mentality to take their expertise to the next level. In doing so, they take a step towards becoming an authority in the writing profession.

Being an authority in writing is an impressive track record.

In essence, writers who can showcase their expertise are more likely to get hired. Furthermore, they are also the ones whom clients approach and offer a position.


When I ask writers how they feel about the profession, most writers fall into two groups.

In one group, they say it is hard and tough to make a living. In the other group, albeit a smaller one, the consensus is that it is rewarding. Somewhere in the middle are the hopefuls and the optimists.

Be careful with negative thoughts for that is what will manifest.

By thinking of the profession as being difficult, then that becomes a reality. Positive thinkers ignore the challenges and instead focus on improving their skills.

In two decades as a businessman, I found an excellent way to combat negativity.

Share and help those who are willing and deserving.

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In other words, rather than being a follower, be the leader but not the boss. Instead of complaining, take time to learn and be better. Finally, instead of wishing to be one, do whatever it takes to be the one.

Showcasing expertise is not a feel good activity where one gets to brag. Instead, it is the result of helping others be better. In doing so, the sharer becomes the learner. Novice becomes the experts, and the experts become the authorities.

The Filipino Writer Showcase

In many professions, a college or university degree is essential. As a matter of fact, one could also argue that the educational institution itself plays a role.

Around two decades ago, getting hired as a writer is impossible unless one has a diploma. Of course, that is no longer the case today. As a matter of fact, Filipino content writers do not even have to find jobs in the Philippines. Already, there is a whole world of online clients and employers.

Showcase articles are the new CV and resume for content writers.

In any profession, some people excel while most others are satisfactory at best. A proof of this is the percentage of individuals who fail board exams. In other words, having a degree related to writing does not make one an excellent writer. For that reason, educational background is often ignored.

On applications for writing position, most applicants attach a copy of their CV or resume. Believe it or not, I do not read most of them. Instead, I only look at the sample articles attached. Education background does not matter, but what does is the quality of samples.

Contributors and Guest Writers

Look around this website and notice the articles posted. They are not meant to promote or sell products or services. I do keep the options open with regards to advertising but to be honest, I am not that keen on doing so. Instead, the posts here are to pass along values that I deem important to writers as well as clients.

None of the articles here add to the junk that litters the cyberspace. Instead, the posts deal with the attitude one must have to succeed.

I am the proof that educational background is not needed to make a difference in this industry. I have never taken a class in writing or even graduated from college.

For me to help others, I have to equip myself, and that is where discipline in self-learning is invaluable.

To be transparent, I am using this platform to establish myself as an authority in this field. As such, I am making myself marketable.

So, here is my pitch to aspiring writers with a burning desire to be better and pave the way for more opportunities.

Help me help other writers. Share your wisdom and knowledge. For God’s sake, be the best version of yourself as a person and as a writer.

Getting Published

Opportunities come to those who seek and do whatever it takes to grab one.

We are the average of the five people we spend the most time with, so goes a saying. We are also a reflection of the company of the people we keep. As such, the opportunities that come to us are a result of what we do. Hence, we can influence and attract the right one.

Filipino writers who want to publish their work here will have to work with me on the articles. It is not as simple as picking a topic and writing. No, we are working on the structure and other details that make an article SEO friendly. We also want to ensure that the post will provide value to readers – both the clients and other writers.

Once published, the writer also becomes a part of the authors of this site. As I continue to build the site, clients will discover that it is one of the rare websites where they can find the gems. Polished, capable, and they can only hope that at least one is available for hire.

Attracting Opportunities

Looking back, there has to be countless opportunities that slipped by. It is a pity to think that we are only aware of only a few while most others drifted elsewhere without us even knowing.

As a writer, there is a stream here and there, all filled with opportunities. All we need is to build a net to catch them. In time, there will be too many that it is not necessary to go fishing. Such is the vision I have for the deserving Filipino writers.

The Filipino Writer is one such net but also one that is selective. Instead of satisfactory, we strive for excellence for it is the only way to catch the bigger fishes.

It is a process though and a long one.

It will also not be easy, but the rewards, in the end, will be worth more than the hours upon hours of exertions.

For once, rather than looking at the successful writers and wishing to be one of them, now is the time to turn it around. Be the one others want to be and emulated. Be the one who inspires and with that, attract the right opportunities.

Getting published on the Filipino Writer is a privilege. A means to showcase knowledge and expertise and a way to establish one’s self as an authority. To get started, contact me.


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  1. I always believe in you – I admire how you put your thoughts into writing and admire you more for being so generous. I am still learning and would love to be called a proud Filipino writer. Help me in this quest.

    1. Berlin,

      I have followed you on your blog and have seen your progression. To be honest, I can say that not every has the same level of growth as you.

      Casual readers may not see it, but I do notice the effort that you exert in your posts. It is not only the story itself but also how much you have worked on improving the structure and composition of your articles.

      Baby steps are meant to make it easy, but not a lot of people have what it takes to take those first steps.

      Keep up the good work and keep challenging yourself to write better, one post at a time.

  2. Wow, this is honestly great Robert! You’re providing a really great opportunity for freelancers. In a sense, I had a similar albeit more me-centric goal for my blog. I wasn’t out to get sponsorships. I just wanted to use it as a means to get writing jobs. One of the struggles that I dealt with was improving my searchability though. So I really find it awesome that you’re not only providing a space for writers to showcase their content, but you’re also providing a service that will equip them with the technical skills to make it. Congratulations on your new venture! πŸ™‚

    1. Pia,

      What you did is exactly what I am telling writers to do. There is only one way to learn, and that is to write. So, how on earth is it possible to be a writer and not to have a blog?

      Purists want to share their experience and knowledge. Although most bloggers today are intent on making money.

      If there is one reason why article writers must have their own blogs, then it is to market themselves. There is nothing wrong with that at all. I see the community of content writers in the Philippines where many are complaining about the low pay rates. If they depend on Upwork for jobs, then that is to be expected since most clients there are offering peanuts in exchange for regular articles disguised as high-quality articles.

      Occasionally, I get to know Filipino writers who show have great attitudes. These are the people I am more inclined to help.

      Ang dami ko namang blessings sa tanang buhay ko e kailangan ko ring mamahagi ng blessings sa ibang tao. Ang igsi ng buhay, kaysa puro sarili lang ang iniisip, syempre ang gusto ko ay makatulong rin.

  3. You are a gift to the Filipino freelancing community and thank you so much for what you do, Sir Robert.

    Yes. I have bookmarked this site already. πŸ™‚

    Last August, I started accepting writing projects in Upwork aside from my job as a VA. I would have to agree that showcase articles are the key. Thus, I have been encouraging aspiring writers to build their own websites.

  4. This is quite a lengthy post, yet one that is full of passion. I can really feel how dedicated you are in helping Filipino writers advance through your words. You’re right, it’s really frustrating that Filipino writers are undervalued, and yes, clients hire Filipino writers because they are “cheap.” Unfortunately, this is also the doing of the writers themselves. The reason why clients are confident that they can always find someone who is willing to do a job for peanuts is because there are so many writers out there that accept peanuts! πŸ™ I really think they should demand more, at least a rate that is tantamount to their skills and what the job entails. Kudos to you for opening the eyes of writers and giving them an avenue to showcase their talents, without even asking for anything in return! You will surely be blessed!

    1. Nadine,

      You raised a point that has been polarizing in the freelance writing community here. On the one hand, there are those who say that people accepting mediocre pay rates are harming the industry. On the contrary, as you correctly pointed out, pay rates are tantamount to skill level and the type of job.

      In both instances, I do not see that as a problem at all. It is not an issue that was created by the Filipinos but more because of the cross-border competition. Napakababa ng base pay rate today dahil sa dami ng gustong mag-work online, not only in the Philippines, pero kasama na rin ang India and Pakistan, for example.

      Besides, most of the jobs available on the freelance marketplaces are from mediocre clients too. These are the individuals who have taken jobs and outsourcing it themselves. Others are content agencies that are focused on quantity of articles over quality. Also, the very same reason for the booming writing industry is also the reason for the low pay rates – enterprising individuals who started their business with not much capital to afford higher wages.

      As for me, I never looked at how much other people are making or could be making. Instead, I focused on continually increasing my value. Such is the mindset that I am sharing on this website.

  5. You are one of the people I look up to. I have always dreamed of becoming a writer but I know I’d still have to go a long way. Thank you for your big heart and for your goal of helping others succeed. I also hope that one day, I can be an expert in this field, too! I would love to learn from one of the bests πŸ™‚

  6. Another great post from you! Kinda did not expect a lengthy one but this is very informative and eye opening. It would be quite an honor to be featured on somebody else’s site or blog even just as a guest blogger. Everyone has their own goals and I think you are ticking the goals on your list one by one. Living and working freely is quite far from each other but attainable as long as you pursue freelancing. Don’t get me wrong but I guess most people now would prefer working remotely than getting stuck in traffic, right? ?

  7. Thank you for giving everyone an avenue of opportunity. I really wanted venture and try out content writing, but I am not confident if my skills are enough to do so. I like how you value the value of Filipino writers and how you strive to help us.

  8. Sir Robert, I’ve always admired you before for helping bloggers to improve their craft. Thus, I’m really excited for your new endeavor. I personally was able to utilize my blog as a portfolio to showcase my writing skills and then eventually I landed a part time job that will enable me to improve my skills further. I’m definitely bookmarking your site to ensure that I also master the art of writing. Cheers on this!

  9. Robert, is this offer limited to Filipinos?

    Coming back to the main post, one reason why some of the freelancers get paid less is that content is not valued much in some Asian countries. And that is because of Google.

    Let me explain how.

    In the name of research, many writers end up googling articles that may not be scholarly. And therein lies the rub.

    I hope I have been able to make my point across. Nice to see you back in action, I was missing you.

  10. This is a great opportunity for Filipino freelancers. It is nice that you are making a platform where freelance writers can learn how to craft their profession around the skills they have. These ideas are not only valid for Filipino writers, but also other freelance writers who help their clients while earning from such opportunities.

    I learned many things reading the other posts. Currently, I am also self-employed, and I help construction companies with technical writing. So, I will sure follow this blog to learn more about serving clients to the best of my ability with construction-related writing services.

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