Write for Us or Work with Me

Of course, there are excellent reasons to write for us or work with me. There are also other reasons why it is not going to work out well. Contacting me is as straightforward as sending me an email. But before doing that, please take the time to read through the details.

Write for Us

Getting published in The Filipino Writer has its benefits. It means that the article is well-written and valuable. As such, it can only enhance the profile of contributing writers. But before getting in touch with me about writing for us, please read the following:

1. Under NO circumstances will I accept blog outreach and link building articles. I do have another blog for that purpose, so feel free to send me a pitch.

2. The topics and articles that I accept are the ones that are valuable. In essence, they offer a deep insight into freelance writing and blogging. Besides conforming to SEO guidelines, it should also have high Flesch-Kincaid readability scores.

3. Agreeing to write for us does not mean I publish articles as submitted. Instead, I work with guest authors and writers in editing and rewriting until it is suitable.

I only have three simple rules for guest authors, contributors, and writers. Although they seem simple enough, getting published is harder than it appears. On average, it takes 4 to 8 hours to finish an article that is suitable for publication. Depending on how thorough, it could also take longer than 8 hours.

Notice, too, that I seem to be discouraging contributions. There is a reason for that, of course. Once published, readers (including potential clients) can read a valuable and well-written article. Contributors and writers can use it as a showcase article. Clients may also contact the authors and make offers.

Would you like to know more about how to write for us? My email address is at the end of this article.

Work with Me

For people seeking freelancers, you are here because you need a web content manager or a Filipino Freelance writer. Of course, those are two of the services I offer.

Here are a few things to know before getting in touch with me.

1. I use expensive computer and software to do my work. Not to mention, I also invested time in improving on writing and managing sites.

2. The notion that freelancers from the Philippines are cheap does not apply to me. Come to think about it; it should not apply to any Filipinos at all. Pay rates should be about the skills and output as opposed to race.

3. I cannot offer rates until I understand first what clients need. Hence, I appreciate an open discussion. Unless I have a complete understanding, then I cannot say yes or even propose a pay rate.

4. Depending on availability, I can sometimes recommend other Filipino freelance writers. It is something I do for free. In other words, I do not accept a referral fee.

So, do you still want to work with me?

Here is my email address: GenerationXLee (at) gmail (dot) com

Is it something else that does not have anything to do with writing or working with me? What the heck, send me an email anyway.