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When you contribute to our blog, the posts become a part of your portfolio. One benefit is that you can use them as a reference whenever pitching your services. At the same time, you get exposure. Our site visitors include owners and recruiters who may discover your talent.

Contributor Guidelines

Before reaching out, please read this section to see if you can qualify.

Who Can Become a Guest Blogger?

    • As implied by the name of the site, only Filipino content writers can write for us. One exemption for foreign nationals is if they receive an invitation.
    • Contributors must have at least one year of content writing experience. Sorry, but guest blogging is for established or competent writers, not beginners.
    • Contributors need to have a portfolio of long-form articles. Content that matters are usually 1,000 words or more. 
    • Not necessary, but having a professional-looking social media presence helps. Most Filipinos are on Facebook. I also hope you are on LinkedIn – the best way to connect with relevant people in the content writing industry.

Who Should Not Apply as a Guest Blogger?

    • No backlinks. Look elsewhere if you intend to place links for personal/commercial reasons.
    • No paid posts. I am not hiring content writers. Instead, what I am offering is a space where you can learn and get exposure for free.

What Topics Should Guest Content Writers Write?

Topics are up for discussion. In general, it should be about freelancing, working from home, and content writing.

The three essential elements are:

    1. Originality is non-negotiable. Unfortunately, most articles found on the web are nothing more than rewritten versions of others. Every article you contribute must showcase your authority on the subject matter. Hence, the challenge is to find a topic that allows you to do that.
    2. The easiest way to produce original content is to write from your perspective. This way, you do not have to find similar or related articles. Any external reference, in this case, is to back up your statements or opinions. For example, you are citing scientific journals, statistics, or surveys.
    3. Write the article to benefit both content writers and clients – local and foreign. I am sure you will agree when I say that there are many ways to spin one topic. In essence, you are putting your comprehension and analytical thinking skills to the test.

What Happens When You Submit an Article?

After accepting a request to contribute to our blog, I will discuss the details through a mobile/Skype audio call.

From topic and title generation to the outline and flow of content, I will offer bits of advice and tips. Upon submitting an article, expect requests for revisions. You will also receive explanations on why the changes are necessary.

All guest blog posts will have the following added at the end of the article:

    • Number of revisions before final editing
    • Percentage of the final draft revised for publication

Why do I do this? That is because I am encouraging clients who visit the site to read your articles. At any time, they are free to contact and hire your services. Adding that last bit of information is to help them gauge your skill level.

A little disclaimer. Any transaction between a “client” and a “guest blogger” is between them. The Filipino Writer and I are not liable for any dispute that may occur.

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Become a Contributor and Be Exposed

Would you please read the above guidelines before submitting a request?